Inside the ASOS Summer Skin Box


As a big fan of all things skincare and makeup I love the thought of receiving a curated beauty box every month. I subscribed to Glossybox for a while, but soon I started seeing repeats and I got frustrated having lots of products I didn't want to use. My favourite box now is the one by ASOS. I've used the site for years and keep a close eye on the new in beauty page. Each box costs £12 - for that you receive a themed collection of products to try. What I like the most is that I know what I'm getting each time (it's also not a subscription so you can buy just the boxes that take your fancy!) so I can decide whether it is worth purchasing. 

This time the theme is 'summer skin' and these are my first impressions of the products inside...

I'm not really a fake tan person as I find the whole process quite a faff! I tend to just embrace my paleness instead but still wanted to give this product a try to see if it could sway me. As the name suggests. the water transforms into a white foam when dispensed. I did a patch test on a area that I could cover if necessary and to compare the result to my natural skin tone. The product applied clear and fully absorbed after a couple of minutes. As promised, the product didn't transfer to my clothes or bedding and come morning my test patch looked subtly more tanned, albeit a little streaky. The patchiness was probably due to me being hesitant and not applying enough product. I like the result enough to test this again at some point but it might be one I pass on if it doesn't work out. 

I really enjoyed using this scrub! It smelt lovely and was a relaxing to use. I applied a small amount to dry skin, massaging with my fingers, and then added a small amount of water before splashing off. My skin felt noticeably smoother afterwards. I found the product very aesthetically pleasing too - I really like the kiwi appearance to match the fruity fragrance. 

I wasn't sure whether this moisturiser would suit my normal to oily skin as it is intended more for dry. However, I found it to be lightweight and easily absorbed. It has a light fragrance, but nothing too bothersome. I also really like the pump packaging - hygienic and easy to travel with!

First Aid Beauty Coconut Micellar Makeup Melter
I think this was my favourite of the five! I tested this as both steps of my evening double cleanse and it was lovely as both a makeup remover and a skin cleanse. The product inside is a milky white, creamy gel that is easy to smooth onto skin and remove with a damp cloth or water. I was expecting more of a scent, but I didn't mind that it wasn't too strongly fragranced. I would definitely consider buying the full size of this in future!

I applied this using a cotton pad to my skin after using the scrub. It left my skin feeling super clean but felt like an extra step I probably didn't need. I will continue to use this until it's finished, but I probably won't purchase this or anything similar in future.

Have you bought any of the ASOS boxes?
Have you tried any of these products?
The box can be purchased here - ASOS Summer Skin Box.

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