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These are the products I've really been enjoying recently!

First product is the Eau Roma Water from Lush. This is a toning spritz which contains rose and lavender water to calm and hydrate skin. I've been using this both morning and night after using any exfoliating or clarifying products which can be drying. My skin always feels instantly refreshed and I feel much more relaxed too! I also like to use this on a makeup sponge after applying powder products and patting all over my face. 

Next, the Eylure Fleur De Force Brow Palette. I haven't used powders for my eyebrows for years but after finding this palette heavily discounted in TK Maxx I decided to try it out. I don't use the matte highlighter but the powders are the perfect shade for my cool toned hair. I use the lighter shade in the front part of my eyebrows, and then switch to the darker colour from just before my arch onwards. I still prefer to use twist up pencils when I don't have much time as they're quicker to use. But when I have more time I've been enjoying the more precise, multi tonal look I can create with this palette. 

I mentioned that I've been pairing the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation with the Nyx Opal Foundation Mixer in my last post here. The two work really well together if you still need a long wearing foundation but want to add a little more glow for spring! I don't think I've ever stuck so loyally to a base product so I'm glad I've been able to find a way to sheer out the coverage a little now it's (slightly) warmer outside. 

I'm so happy to finally own MAC Soft & Gentle! I've been wanting to buy this highlighter for years after seeing it used so much in tutorials. It's the perfect amount of colour and shimmer and I've been using it virtually every day since I bought it. I like to apply it in all the usual spots using the Real Techniques Setting Brush which is the perfect size.

Lastly, the EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm. This isn't the most hydrating lip balm I own but it's a good one for pre lip product prep. It adds a very light layer of hydration and I find products on top always go on much more smoothly. Of course, the sphere shape also makes it slightly novel and fun to use!

Have you tried any of these?
What products have you been using a lot recently?

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