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Naturally Radiant is one of Superdrug's own brands and a great starting point if you're just starting to build a skincare routine, or you just want to add in some solid staples. The whole range is very frequently on offer and if you keep an eye out for new launches you will eventually spot beauty trends trickle down to more affordable brands like this one. I've tried a lot of Naturally Radiant products over the years and have generally been really impressed. However, two have stood out as clear favourites that I always stock up on because I know they suit my skin - the Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Glycolic Toner

The Hot Cloth Cleanser is a product that I've repurchased over and over and keep coming back to. It's a very thick, creamy formula that feels wonderful on the skin both morning and evening. I never enjoyed splash off, gel based cleansers and never looked back after switching to a cream formula and removing with a cloth. It's comparable to the much loved Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and a good one to try if you're not sure this type of cleanser is for you. My only gripe with this product is the packaging. I like being able to squeeze out the perfect amount of product, but I always have to cut open the tube when it's only about 75% empty. I don't mind too much, and it hasn't stopped me buying this cleanser, but I do think changing the shape of the tube or adding a pump would improve the packaging considerably. 

A newer addition to the range is the Glycolic Toner which is very similar to the Pixi Glow Tonic and other similar products. I switched to using chemical exfoliants from physical scrubs when they became more popular a few years ago and they suit my skin a lot better. I swipe a small amount over my skin most evenings and my skin is always noticeably smooth come morning. 

Have you tried either of these?
What are your favourite affordable products?

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