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I don't often focus a post on a single product but every now and then something stands out so much that I feel it deserves a more thorough review. As you can tell from the title and photos, this post is about the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser which I tried for the first time recently.

Cream cleansers are my favourite formula to use both morning and night to wash my face. I like that I can remove both my eye and face makeup by double cleansing with one product and they also tend not to sting or leave my face feeling tight. I remove them with a muslin cloth most of the time, but I like formulas that can be removed with water alone if I'm in a pinch. I've used a few No7 products over the years (mainly enticed by the frequent £5 that are available!) but never considered using any of their cleansers before now. Their hot cloth cleanser initially caught my eye because it was half price and I was looking for a new one to try. After just a few uses I headed back and pick up four (yes, four!) more after finding it was not only still on offer, but 3 for 2 too. I think that just goes to show how much I instantly liked this!

In the morning I massage one pump all over my face and then gently remove. I don't feel truly awake until I've washed my face and this one feels wonderfully nourishing on these cold, frosty mornings. It has a light scent that vanishes quickly and doesn't irritate my skin or eyes. In the evening I use one and a half to two pumps to remove my makeup, remove, and then another single pump to cleanse my skin. I find it removes makeup well, very occasionally I need to use an eye makeup remover too, but I expect that when using waterproof or long wear products.

As much as I enjoy the actual product inside, I think it's the packaging that is really the best feature for me. The cleanser I was using before this one came in a squeeze tube, and I was getting fed up of having to cut open the tube to use up the product fully. I didn't mind too much, but I was happy to find a reasonably priced alternative that ticks the packaging as well as the performance box. The pump dispenses the perfect amount of product for a simple cleanse, like I mentioned, I use slightly more to remove makeup, and the product is gradually pushed up the tube. It's also very easy to tell how much is left as the tube is transparent. So far I'm about three quarters of the way through my first one after about a month of using three pumps a day, which I think represents good value. 

The only element I'm not so keen on is the muslin cloth included in the box. It's smaller and rougher textured than others I've collected and feels scratchy on the skin - a bit too exfoliating for my liking. Even if the rough texture is intentional, I feel it takes away from the otherwise enjoyable experience. Of course it's an easy problem to resolve by just using other cloths, but it feels wasteful not using a cloth that comes with every purchase. I think it would be a good idea generally for hot cloth cleansers to be available with and without cloths for those of us who have too many already. 

Have you tried this cleanser?
What are your favourite cream cleansers?

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