Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel & Cream


Does anyone else take blog photos of new products and then completely forget about them? That's what happened with these - in fact I've since used up one and given the other to a family member to finish. I wondered whether it was still worth writing this post as one product will be appearing in a empties soon, but I decided it was still worth collecting together my thoughts on them both

I found this Clarins skincare set in TK Maxx during the Christmas sales last month. I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and couldn't resist trying the Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and the full size Daily Energizer Cream as I haven't tried much from the brand apart from their lip products. 

The Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel is, as you can tell from the name, a gel formula cleanser. I used a small amount as my morning or second step evening cleanse. It does foam slightly, but it didn't feel overly drying or sting my eyes. I used it a few times, but in all honesty, cleansing gels are just not my favourite formula so I gave this to someone else who much prefers them. I knew this when buying the set, but thought it was still worth purchasing for the moisturiser. If you already like and use gel cleansers then I think you will like this one too if it's within budget, they're just not my favourite way to cleanse. 

Now. on to the star of the show! This moisturiser completely changed the way I feel about my skin and felt like a breath of fresh air. That sounds like a massive exaggeration but for the past few months I've been really struggling with oil control, pores, and generally makeup longevity. Getting ready every morning is something I really enjoy and take pleasure in, and it was really getting me down that all my hard work seemed to disappear by midday. The Daily Energizer Cream is a very thick moisturiser, which was initially disappointing as I thought it would have to solely be a night cream, but it's actually quite mattifying as well as hydrating. A small amount under a dedicated SPF made a really good base for makeup and my skin looked much smoother for longer throughout the day. The only thing that was slightly annoying about this product was how quickly I seemed to go through it (as I mentioned, it's now completely gone). I will consider repurchasing again, but I think I will reserve this for mornings when I'm wearing makeup, and use another product when being slightly shinier isn't a problem.

Have you tried either of these?
What are your favourite products from Clarins?

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