Tanya Burr Selfie Sculpt and Selfie Flick


I've been a fan of Tanya Burr's and watched her tutorials for many years now! So I had a good feeling when she was relaunching her makeup range after a successful lipgloss collaboration. I think the products cleverly manage to appeal to both her predominantly teenage audience as well as those looking for quality, easy to use products.

For a while I've been using very fine, twist up style pencils for my eyebrows, and I thought my winged liner days were behind me so I wasn't very drawn initially to the new Selfie Story Collection. However, after swatching the products instore I couldn't resist the Tanya Burr Selfie Sculpt eyebrow pencil and the Tanya Burr Selfie Flick liquid liner as they applied so beautifully! There is also a mascara in the range but I decided to pass as I'm really happy with my current one. 

The Selfie Sculpt eyebrow pencil is a twist up product with a handy spoolie on the other end. I picked the medium shade as it seemed a good match for my mid brown hair and brows. The pencil is quite hard in texture, but this is actually a good thing as it means the end result is more natural and it's difficult to over apply. I've been using very fine pencil for a while because I liked being able to precisely draw on individual hairs, however, the thicker shape of this one does cut down the amount of time it takes me, making it a good option for more natural days.

The Selfie Flick liquid liner is incredibly pigmented and black in colour and surprisingly easy to use! The brush is very flexible and applies the product very smoothly along the lashline. The flexibility also helps with creating wings as I found I could almost swish the brush upwards to create a soft flick. I sometimes have problems with my liner transferring so I like to set it with a matte black shadow on a small angled brush. This also creates a more diffused look and disguises any wobbles!

Overall I'm really impressed with this collection! I think it has been very well thought out and the packaging is beautiful. I'd love to see the more colours available of the liner in future, I think a deep plum shade would be an unusual yet wearable addition.

What are your favourite Tanya Burr products?
Have you tried anything from the Selfie Story Collection?

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