A Few New Things #1


I've been feeling a little stuck in a rut with my makeup recently, so I picked up a few new products to try and play around with. I've used them all a few times now, here's what I think so far.

First is the Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer. I like to dot it on my lids with the wand, and then blend with my foundation brush or sponge. It provides a good base for eyeshadow as well as some coverage to hide veins or discolouration. Primers are more of an essential than an exciting product to use so I don't like to spend a lot on them. This one costs £2.50 and works just as well as others I've used. 

I usually spend around the £9 to £15 mark on foundations, but I wanted to see how the Primark My Perfect Colour Foundation costing £2.50 would compare. There are a good range of shades and I was impressed to find that the palest, 'Vanilla', was a good match. 'Semi-matte' is a good description of the finish, it looks natural without being overly luminous. It lasted well throughout the day too, certainly as long as others. I definitely recommend swatching this if you are looking for a cheaper foundation. 

I really like the minimal look of gel liner - a smooth formula always looks effortless and elegant. However they dry out frustratingly quickly so I don't like buying expensive ones. I was hoping that the £3 MUA Gel Eyeliner would be the perfect solution, but the formula isn't the easiest to use or the smoothest. It does seem that with a higher price tag comes a better formula. I wouldn't wear this alone (it drags and looks quite jagged), but it does work well as a base for a dark powder shadow to adhere to.

Next is the MUA Prism Highlighter in Solar Flare that was just far too pretty to pass up as I walked past a new in stand. This is the most wearable shade in the collection (the others are blue/violet/green hues), though it is holographic when it catches the light. I apply this very sparingly using a small powder brush to the tops of my cheeks, cupid's bow, and under my eyebrows. 

Silicone sponges received mixed reviews when they first appeared so I wasn't interested in trying one. Now they're available everywhere and for £1 for 2 in Primark, I was happy to give one a go. I've used it to apply my foundation a couple of times, but I'm still undecided. There are some definite advantages - less product wastage because they don't absorb anything, they're also more hygienic and easier to clean. However, rather than blending foundation, swiping the sponge around my face just seemed to move the product around until it set. I needed to use my hands anyway on some areas, so why not just apply with fingers to start with? I really like how easy this is to clean (and how long I imagine it will last!), but for me the effort of washing a sponge or brush is worth the end result. I'll definitely keep persevering, I'll love to find a way to make it work, but I won't be throwing away my other tools just yet..

Last is the MUA 6 Shade Palette in Coral Delights. All 6 shades in the palette are shimmers, so this isn't the best for creating a whole look with. But combined with some mattes, the shades do blend and last really well. My favourites are the darker taupes which I like to wear as a softly blended out wash of colour.

Have you tried any of these?
What are your favourites at the moment?

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