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As much as I absolutely love experimenting with new products and techniques, it just isn't practical to do when I need to get ready quickly in the morning. On the average day, I like to use products that I know will work well reliably. I use a combination of products I swap regularly, like eye and lip colours, and a few I use almost daily without fail. These six products are ones I use consistently because I can trust them to work and will last throughout the day too. 

(L to R - Benefit Hervana, Topshop Sable, and Nyx Ash Brown)

First, the Benefit Hervana boxed blush. Inside is a swirl of mauves and pinks that create a beautiful natural, peachy shade when blended together. I use this a lot because it works and looks flattering with just about any other eye or lip shade. It helps me to look more awake on these cold, dark mornings when I'm feeling anything but! I use a large fluffy brush to apply this to my apples, then soften slightly with my foundation sponge. I also like that it doesn't contain too much shimmer, so I can wear highlighter too without it looking overly glowy. 

I'm so used to filling in my eyebrows that I'd feel very strange leaving home without at least roughly filling them in. Even if no one else can tell the difference! I've experimented with powders and thicker pencils, but my favourite by far is definitely the Nyx Micro Brow in Ash Brown. On one end is a very fine twist up pencil, so no product is wasted by sharpening, and on the other is a spoolie for combing through hairs and softening. The shade is a perfect match for my very cool toned hair, and the texture is just right so that each stroke looks natural and not too drawn on. 

Next, the Maybelline Big Shot Mascara, a good all rounder mascara for volume, definition, and thickness. The wand is a good medium size that can get right to the roots and also coat lashes in just a few swipes. Being waterproof, the formula lasts well throughout the day and I've never had issues with flaking. It's also fairly easy to remove at the end of the day with a dedicated eye makeup remover. 

To quickly add some definition around my eyes I always use a brown pencil liner either just along my tightline, or all around. I find a soft formula works best so that it applies comfortably without dragging, yet won't smudge too much during the day. I'm currently using the Topshop kohl in the shade Sable, however this is no longer appearing on the website. A very similar liner that I will purchase next if the Topshop one has been discontinued is the Rimmel Eye Pencil in Sable Brown.

I always keep a lip balm in every coat and bag I'm currently using and my favourite at the moment is the Strawberry Carmex. As well as providing moisture, it also adds a subtle, non sticky shine which is great for minimal days. Sometimes I don't feel like wearing a 'proper' lip product. I also like that this is very cheap, so I don't have to worry about loosing it. 

Lastly, for some coverage I like the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer. The fairest shade is a good match and works well under my eyes, around my nose, and on any slight redness (I find it's not enough coverage for spots). The wand is a good size for precise application and the formula blends out equally well alone as well as over foundation.

What are your everyday must haves?

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